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Why Monkey vs Owl?

The Letting Experts

Monkey vs Owl was born to give you a new, pain-free way of Letting – or finding – your perfect property. We also have additional benefits for Landlords and connect Tenants with their city in our City Guide. Going beyond Lettings to improve your quality of life.


No Hidden Fees

We won't take your money for no reason.

That's right no hidden fees! We understand that University life costs you enough so we don't want to add to those financial pressures. All we charge is £25 to cover the costs of the reference check when you sign up, and that's it no hidden charges.


We make letting fun

Boring, boring, boring.

We've realised that the letting sector is really, really boring. We've also realised that it doesn't have to be like that! Whether it's signing for your new house while sipping a cocktail in your favourite bar, or going through our tenant on-boarding process using our app, Monkey vs Owl have challenged ourselves every step of the process as pain free and fun as possible.


Digitally Savvy

We fit into your 24hr lifestyle.

We know that due to the excessively 'busy' life of a student, you might not always be able to call us in office hours... That's why we have an App to help you manage your property, report repairs, flag up any issues and simply send us a message, anytime you want. The app will update you with notifications once we reply so you don't have to keep checking back, and even inform your house mates so you're all in the loop. No more trawling through emails; ain't nobody got time for that.


We save you time

... and time is precious!

With the ability to view the key rooms of the properties at 360° means that you'll have a good idea of whether or not you want the property, without having to go for a viewing. So why not make a night of it; get your (potential) roommates round, order a takeaway, head to www.monkeyvsowl.com and get it done!


Connecting you with your city

We're your guide.

As it's often their first opportunity to "leave the nest", most students will attend University in a city that they are not from. We have taken it upon ourselves to be your local guide and introduce you to all the hidden treats your new City has to offer. Our City Guide is an interactive map showing you the best cafes, bars, shops, near your properties helping you to get to know your new city.


Discounts, offers, events... and discounts

Special MOVO Discounts throughout the city

To save you a job - and money - we've connected with the best student-friendly businesses in each city to provide you with a comprehensive lists of discounts and offers. So rather than searching all their websites, you can now just go to the Monkey vs Owl Partners page and not only see where you get the discounts, but how much and how to redeem them. We even give you directions. We also hold extravagant events especially for students, such as our recent PARTY with the cast of Made in Chelsea. Not bad.


24Hr Maintenance

Maintenance & Repairs carried by our IN-HOUSE Team

When you've spent all that money on your property, there is nothing worse than having a tenant move in and undo all your hard work. At Monkey vs Owl we've taken painstaking lengths to make sure that never happens, but should there be any discrepancy we'll be on hand to make it right. Our in-house Maintenance team is on hand 24hrs a day - nationally - to make sure that we're never far away from your property's needs. We make it as easy as possible for tenants to report repairs via our repairs platform and also have a dedicated repairs Hotline. Our Landlords can also use the platform at their convenience to view progress of repairs and even provide feedback should they chose to do so.


Real world benefits

We care about you, not just your property.

We know searching for a Letting Agency isn't the most exciting thing in the world... That's why the team at Monkey vs Owl have taken it upon ourselves to give you something special to get excited about. All of our MOVO Complete Landlords will receive discounts at over 250 well known retailers, such as Apple, Amazon, Uber, Starbucks - the list goes on! All at no extra charge to you! It's just our little way of saying "Thank you". Click here find out more about our Landlord Benefits.


"Mates Rates"

We get you great value on your repairs & equipment

We know that Landlords with multiple properties and big portfolios benefit from having their own tradesman and hence make big savings on the repair bill. Monkey vs Owl feel that all Landlords should have access to these beneficial rates, and as such all the work we do on your property we'll give you our "mates rates". This also includes preferential rates on equipment involved in running your property; items such as beds, wardrobes, materials appliances etc. We pass our savings on to you.


Flexible Packages

... because each Landlord has individual requirements

We understand every Landlord is different so rather than opt for an unrealistic one - size fits all approach, we have created bespoke packages meaning that every Landlord can pick the services they need and leave out those they don't. Alternatively, if you like everything we do, you can choose our MOVO Complete package and get the lot. The choice is yours.


Keeping you Informed

24hr updates with our Property File App

Better communication leads to happy tenants, and happy tenants mean less problems! Every MOVO Complete Package Landlord gets access to our Property File App with up-to-date information on your property - or properties - including receipts due, along with progress updates for any works in being undertaken. The App also keeps past statements should you need to download them for tax purposes or should you simply want them for your records. Very useful indeed.


We really understand your target market

...and have necessary the tools to reach them

Our dynamic marketing platform and entire business model has been designed with our target market in mind ensuring that there is no better route to market. Our prestigious marketing events involve the likes of the Made in Chelsea stars and Radio 1 DJ's and our City Guides connects Tenants with their city and more importantly— with local discounts. Essentially, there is no better place for the tenant to be, therefore there is no better place for you to be.

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