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George's Tradition



Park Farm Centre

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Fish & Chips has long been a national favourite and as such you will find many establishments strategically placed around the UK. But you will struggle to find one with as much heritage and character as George's Tradition. Their story began in 1967 when a man - called George - opened his first shop, based of using only the best quality fish he could find.

To this day, even their potatoes are sourced from a family ran farm based in Shropshire. We like George. Fast forward to now and it is now George's son Andrew and lifelong friend Nick who head the 300 strong team charged with keeping the Derbyshire populous happy, especially on Fridays. Fish & Chips and Fridays; a match made in heaven.

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Georges 99p Lunch


Georges lunch menu is back!

It’s available everyday until 4pm at all there takeaways including Chellaston!

Chip butty – £1.00
Small sausage, chips and gravy –  £1.00
Small homemade fishcake and chips – £1.10
Fish butty – £1.59
Fish goujon & chips – £1.59

We can assure you the quality hasn’t changed… The small fishcakes are made to exactly the same recipe, sausages are sourced at the same quality and of course George’s potatoes are still grown exclusively for them ! 

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