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What is MOVO…?

Monkey vs Owl

At MONKEY vs OWL (#MOVO) we believe that letting process doesn’t have to be so dull and mundane and everyone can leave happy; both students & landlords. We’re not just an agency, we’re your city guide helping you settle into your new environment, or learn more about your existing one. 

Having once been students ourselves, we understand the duality of the student life. Also we recognise the challenges, with many moving away from home for the first time or taking the financial ‘leap of faith’ to take complete that Post graduate Degree that will change your life.  We understand all this, and take care of your living environment, so you can focus on the reason you are there in the first place – University life.

"Less headaches more results"

We get the challenges of being a Landlord, so at MOVO our prime objectives are quite simple really; to keep you happy and paid. We're also award having a fast response team is vital to the upkeep of your property, so we make it as easy for tenants to take care of your property with our "report a repair" portals and 24hr in-house maintenance team. We also offer fully bespoke options allowing you to create the Property Management package that truly suits your needs.

"The Cheeky Monkey"


Likes to have fun, make friends and wants to make the most of University down time. Not impartial to the "occasional" party.

The Two Sides Of The Student

There is a duality to a student's life with the constant battle between two key behavioural motivators- we call them the "Cheeky" Monkey and the "Wise" Owl. They illustrate the balancing act that students encounter to make the most of all University life has to offer; in truth the Monkey and Owl are friends.

Expect to see more of both Monkey and Owl on your journey with the MOVO giving you key insights into the various social and academic activities happening in your chosen city.

"The Wise Owl"


Focuses on working hard and strives to get the best grade. Always has an eye on the future. Library card is always in use.

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